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A guide to initiating your fitness journey in your youth

Starting your fitness journey can be intimidating, especially with the never-ending circle of social media and individuals advising you many things. It can be difficult to filter through all the advice and brainstorm an effective plan that caters towards your interests.

This article will provide a straightforward guide on how to get started with your fitness journey. Get ready to unleash the fitness within you as we dive into the exciting world of fitness tailored for the young and the restless!

Step one: Starting out

The first step to beginning your fitness journey is all about discovering the joy of movement. This will look different for everyone. Some individuals prefer classes and team-based activities, while others prefer solo fitness pursuits. The key to finding your love for fitness is to make it enjoyable, and that begins with trying new things. 

ClassPass is a perfect way to make this a possibility. ClassPass is an app that allows you to try new gyms, sports, and fitness classes. The app even offers booking systems for solo workouts!

ClassPass is based on a credit system. This means that each activity will have a different “price” of credit. The amount of credits needed to book a class varies by reservation type, location, popularity and time slot.

Additionally, ClassPass offers users a two-week trial period that offers free credit. You can hop around and try different methods of fitness to find what works for you and your fitness goals. After those two weeks, you can continue to pay for a membership that allows you to explore a multitude of activities.

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Step two: Building a strong support system

The second step to cultivating a fitness routine is building a strong support system.

This can begin with you and a friend taking a class or participating in an activity together. However, do not worry if you feel like you are one step ahead of your friends. The fitness community is known to be very friendly. It can be hard walking up to a stranger, but take into account there are so many people beginning their fitness journey just like you. Many online fitness communities on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok allow like-minded people to bond over the world of fitness.

Creating a support system with like-minded individuals who share your passion for health and exercise can be exhilarating. Having people to share your triumphs and challenges with can make the journey even more rewarding.

Step three: Fueling your body

Now that you have found your fitness methods and support system, let’s talk about fuelling your body!

As mentioned earlier, filtering through social media fitness influencers’ routines can be taxing and not very motivating. Additionally, many influencers share “what I eat in a day” videos outlining their daily meals. While their recipes can be helpful when starting your fitness journey, listening to your body and finding your own way to fuel it is best.

Embracing a balanced and nutritious diet to complement your newly active lifestyle can be challenging initially. Try exploring different fruits and vegetables, proteins, and whole grains to ensure your body runs optimally. The most important thing you can do for your diet is to eat whole foods and not restrict carbs. Healthline offers an excellent guide for beginners on building a healthy diet tailored to your needs.

Another important goal is to stay hydrated because exercise makes you sweat. Staying hydrated is essential to keep your joints smooth and lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to your cells, and keep your organs functioning properly.

Step four: Setting realistic goals

Now that you have the basics, you can start setting realistic goals. Try not to compare yourself to others and focus on your needs. Bodies move at different paces, so it is important to set personal goals that you believe you will be able to attain.

These goals are crucial to staying motivated in the fitness world. Whether it is being able to run a certain distance, lift a specific weight, or master a new yoga pose, break down your fitness goals into manageable milestones. Ensure you celebrate your achievements and keep pushing yourself to new heights!

Remember, whether this is new for you or not, achieving something is such a good feeling, no matter how big or small!

Finally, do not forget to rest your body! Rest and recovery are essential, and through the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to forget the importance of rest. Your body needs time to recharge. You need to prioritize sleep and listen to your body. Resting is not a setback but a crucial part of your fitness journey.

Your energy has potential that is waiting to be unleashed. Your fitness journey will become a thrilling experience filled with variety, joy, support, mindful nutrition, realistic goals, and rest. So, lace up those sneakers, embrace the adventure, and let the journey to a healthier you begin!

Below, you will find some fitness class suggestions that welcome beginners who are new to exercise.


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