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Youth Mind highlights A Tin A Day

A Tin A Day strives to make mental health resources accessible to everyone

Photo provided by Christine W.

A message from the founder

A Tin A Day’s story

My name is Christine, and I am a social work student at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. I grew up in a low-income family and struggled with my mental health. I could not gain support due to financial barriers. I started volunteering as soon as I could drive! I discovered my love for creating community, building relationships, and constructing a positive impact within my city. 

One early morning at one o’clock, my ADHD brain could not go to sleep. I had an idea to create a project for social change, to help those struggling with mental health and financial barriers while helping to save the planet at the same time. I can proudly say that I have been financially stable and have access to the proper tools to help me with my mental health and well-being. I know how complex the world has been due to the pandemic, inequalities, and other barriers, so creating much-needed change is more critical now than ever. 

I grew up giving what I had to others—from my father figure passing away and having a close cousin die from overdose. I realized so many other people are struggling and don’t have the tools or opportunities to ask for help or even survive. And with that, I created “A Tin A Day” (ATAD).

A Tin A Day creates social change within homeless populations in Edmonton and the surrounding areas by providing self-care tins to individuals. These tins include essentials, all compacted in a container. These tins are donated; otherwise, they would have ended up in the landfill. Mental health plays an essential role in what A Tin A Day supports. 

Additionally, a QR code inside the tin lids directs individuals to mental health resources on the “A Tin A Day” website. The QR code is accessible to individuals with any technology that can scan a QR code—learning new and creative ways to give access to mental health resources & support to all Edmontonians.

Check out our website by clicking this link or scanning the QR code below.

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