Fall into fashion

Move aside jean shorts and crop tops—with autumn just around the corner, it’s time for sweater weather

Despite the sadness that inevitably comes at the end of summer, I find myself quite excited about the upcoming autumn. Perhaps it’s a combination of my love for the holidays, my preference for cooler weather and the fact that I was born in November. But I also can’t deny that I’m partial to fall fashion.

With the overbearing heat of the summer, the intolerable cold of the winter and the dreariness of spring, fall is really the only time of year you can truly exercise versatility with your wardrobe. You can dress certain pieces up or down, and you are basically guaranteed to look good as well as feel comfortable.

There are several reasons why I think fall is the best season for fashion, so grab a cup of warm apple cider or hot chocolate and read along!


It never gets too hot or cold in the fall, and layers are essential to adjust to the fluctuating weather. In an article for My Fashion Life, writer Olivia Dewitt notes how the changing weather provides people with more options to layer their clothing. “If it’s too chilly, add on a scarf or a jumper, and when it gets warmer, you take it off to adjust accordingly,” she says.

Changing colour palettes

One of the most exciting and beautiful parts of fall is when the leaves change colour. The colour palettes of autumn, which are typically on the warm or neutral side, can be flattering on anyone. To top that off, the backdrop of similarly-coloured foliage is always a complement to your outfit and elevates any picture.

It is also worth noting how much modern streetwear has been influenced by ‘90s fashion trends, such as flannel, loose-fitting jeans, cropped cardigans and crewneck sweaters. These are pieces of clothing that wouldn’t really fare well in the heat of the summer nor in the cold of the winter. 
In an InStyle article, writer Julia Guerra predicted that other ‘90s trends like slip dresses, oversized blazers and knee-high socks will see a reappearance in the upcoming autumn.


Fall is practically synonymous with the term “sweater weather,” and for good reason. Whether it’s a cable-knit cardigan or an oversized hoodie, you can never really go wrong with a sweater on hand. 

Writer Alexa Tucker says it best: “Is there anything better than a size-too-big cable knit sweater over your favorite jeans when it’s [10] degrees out? I think not.”

Jackets and coats

A good jacket or coat is an absolute staple for fall fashion, particularly if you are looking to dress your outfit up in an instant. Throw on a wool coat or a blazer and you are ready for a night out or a business event. Throw on a denim or leather jacket and you are ready for a date to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard. The possibilities are endless.

Writer Camille Freestone in an article for Coveteur says, “The jacket is a stylish add-on that’s not only practical, but can elevate any look stylewise. Trench coats, denim jackets, leather moto styles, quilted versions, blazers—the options are prolific.” 

Of course every season has its perks. But when it comes to fashion, fall definitely takes the top spot. The colours are flattering on everyone, you aren’t restricted to certain options and you can be comfortable in almost anything you wear. It’s all based on how you choose to express yourself.

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Alyssa Bravo is a former reporter for Youth Mind. She is a coffee fiend and likes music, movies and food. She wishes to travel to Italy and Greece, and hopes she’ll live to see the day the Toronto Maple Leafs win their 14th championship. When she’s not writing, you can probably find her watching videos of dogs or baby pandas.

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