Taking action is worth it | Letter from the Editor: Spring 2021 Edition


I’m writing this to you freshly after finding out I’ve been rejected by one of my dream jobs.

For those who don’t know me personally, I was looking forward to this job, very much so.

I remember preparing every day by consuming even more news than usual and thinking of more effective ways to communicate such news, (if it wasn’t obvious, this was a journalism job) and thought of scenario-based questions that they would ask. I studied the publication that I would potentially be working for, inside out.

I did the interview and was proud of it, because I stayed true to my heart.

And then, fast forward to today. I opened up my inbox to see that I was rejected.

How timely to get the rejection the day I was planning on writing a super encouraging letter to motivate you, fellow readers, to ‘Spring into Action’ — which is the theme for this spring issue (it’s also a lovely play on words).

The team and I chose this issue to be the theme because we knew the time period it would be released in — one year into the COVID-19 pandemic (booooo) and during a time where people are hustling to finish up school, to find jobs, and to figure out how to make meaningful change in society.

When I got the rejection email, I initially thought to myself: how am I supposed to write something that’s super empowering and motivating when I myself want to give up (anyone who’s in this industry knows exactly what I mean)? What is the point? Why do I even try?

But then I thought: Ramona, you’ve been here before. Remember, the reason why you even managed to get to this point is because you tried.

To further elaborate — the reason why I got the interview was because I made the effort to make an application. The reason why I was able to create an application was because I was able to create content that I am proud of to show to the world and my future employers.

And the reason why I am here, sitting at my desk, able to write a letter for this online magazine, is because I took a leap of faith back in the summer of 2020, and applied to this job. I then took another leap of faith in co-creating this magazine from scratch, which has been successful enough for us to publish our third issue!

The point that I’m trying to say is that I was always doing things. I never gave up, and I never will.

I choose to take action in my life and stand up for what I believe in and stay true to my heart, regardless of the consequences. And I am aware — while I may not often see it at first — taking action is always worth it.

Taking action can mean pretty much, anything. It means studying hard for those final exams, which I know a lot of you must be doing now. It means applying for those internships, co-ops or early career jobs. It means standing up and fighting for what you believe in. It means standing for those who aren’t as privileged to take action themselves, as they fear dangerous repercussions from powerful systems.

Taking action also means facing the consequences of your actions, and owning up to them. It also means that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the consequences won’t always end up being in your favour.

This issue embodies all of this. It features practical tips on studying/procrastinating, job applications and job interviews.

It also focuses a lot on social issues happening in Ontario, Canada, and around the world, as well as personal pieces from writers who took action in something they believed to be worthwhile.

I hope that as you read this letter and the rest of the issue, you understand that while life may not always go the way you planned, it is always worthwhile to keep trying. To keep springing into action.

Happy reading,


P.S. You are always more than welcome to send me a letter as well! Email me at: editor@youthmind.oldf.org

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Previous Managing Editor at Youth Mind | Website

Ramona Leitao is a former managing editor of Youth Mind. When not writing, or taking photos, you’ll find her baking her signature baguettes while crying to Studio Ghibli soundtracks.

Ramona Leitao

Ramona Leitao is a former managing editor of Youth Mind. When not writing, or taking photos, you’ll find her baking her signature baguettes while crying to Studio Ghibli soundtracks.

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